Oklahoma Region Survey Results

If you have been following along you know that I have had a survey out there for a little over a month to get a feel for what you all think about where Oklahoma fits in regionally. I used to have arguments with people from other states, when I was in the military, insisting Oklahoma was the south and they insisted that Oklahoma was the Midwest. I always leaned on the fact that according to the U.S. census bureau that Oklahoma is indeed the south, but let’s be honest the government doesn’t know much. So I wanted to see where everyone else stood. Now, I didn’t get as much participation as I would have liked but some is better than none. I will keep the survey open just in case people feel like taking it and later on down the road; I may do some more analysis.

On to the survey results! I first asked what region of Oklahoma to see if there was a correlation between Oklahoma region and overall region that the respondent identified with. As you can see below many people that follow me are from northeast Oklahoma.

And a lot of you think that we are in the south, at  45.76% which is about what I expected to see followed by Midwest and then of course “other” because a lot of people think we don’t fit the mold of the predetermined regions that the census bureau gives us. However, let us break it down by Oklahoma region and see what we learn. The theory was that people closer to the Midwest would identify more with being in the Midwest and the people closer to the west would identify with the west and so on. I call this the Theory of Region, every good theory has to have a name right?


If you look at just respondents from northeast Oklahoma, it shows that a lot of you green country folks think that we are in the south but by a wider margin than the whole group with 48% of you selecting south. On the other hand, 32% of you identify as the Midwest, which is slightly higher than the whole group. This is not the overwhelming majority that would prove the Theory of Region, determining what you associate with but it is slightly higher. If you look at the percentage of people in the northeast that identify with the Midwest compared to the other regions then the theory does hold true.


Let us move over to the northwest, only 33% of you folks think we are in south and 16% say west. However, this one gets interesting as we had 50% say “other.” The respondents indicated that we are actually in the southwest, the plains and “the center of the U.S. vortex, a blend.” Well I am starting to believe that we are the center of the vortex because of all the different answers I am receiving. I really did expect this region to lean more towards the west since it is out there with New Mexico and has the same type of climate and landscape but so far, they proved me wrong. I think with more time it may lean towards the west but only time will tell. This section doesn’t prove the theory wrong or right yet.


I decided to combine central and south central and got 58% south to 25% Midwest. Which stays in line with the theory that the further you move south the more people should identify with the south. My favorite answer from this section for why they answered the way they did for question #2. Because of the way my relatives act. They give further information that they have other relatives that live in the south to compare them too. Brilliant.  Why have we not done behavioral comparison studies on people in the south and people from Oklahoma? Maybe we have who knows.


Moving on to the southwest and southeast combined them just to have more data to look at. There were 50% of people from these areas that agreed that we are indeed in the south.  Keeping the theory of region alive. There were holdouts for “South Central” stating that we just do not fit in the pre-determined regions and one for the plains region.
So does the theory of what Oklahoma region you are from determining where you associate with on the national region level hold true? Kind of if we had more data, it would show us a lot more but it seems to me that indeed it would hold somewhat true I still think that the south would ultimately get the most votes just because that is where the map shows that we are in. I did find it interesting that a few people related whether or not we are from the south on the Civil War. Does the Civil War really still determine south versus north? I find that hard to believe. In fact, if you were to divide the country based on beliefs I’m guessing that Oklahoma would align with the south and the Midwest would more than likely be lumped in there as well further complicating things.

Best Replies

We had someone from the central region proclaim the reason he answered south was of course “because it was the correct answer”, duh. This person actually held from Georgia which is undisputedly the south and they used this to determine that Oklahoma is indeed the south.

A response from the northeast who voted that we are in the Midwest said it was because we say “you guys”, I don’t know about y’all but I don’t think you guys has ever come out of my mouth.

I always like to get the opinions of people that moved from another region into Oklahoma and one respondent moved from New York as a child and said that their parents always referred to moving to Oklahoma as moving to the Midwest.

If you haven’t taken the survey and you would like to please do so like I said I am just going to leave it open.



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