Oklahoma Region Survey

(Take the survey here)

I recently put out a poll on twitter asking what region you thought Oklahoma was in. I got about 90 responses and a few replies saying that Oklahoma is not in the south, midwest, or west that it was in fact in the plains region. I got a reply saying that it was more of a cross section of regions not belonging to any one region but a mix of all of them. I would agree with that in regards to climate and topography throughout the state.

But Oklahoma has always had an identity crisis when it comes to what region of the country we all relate to. Then I thought to myself what does it matter what region we all relate to? Does it define us? No. But if it turned into some Hunger Games type of regions I think I would want to be midwest. Most of the people own guns but don’t eat as much gravy as the south, that slows them down. So as you can tell this isn’t that serious just fun to see the results.

Anyway, getting back on track. It was suggested that maybe we should put together a multi question poll that asked what region of Oklahoma you are from followed by “What region do you  consider Oklahoma in?” Suggesting that depending on where in the state you are from determines what region you consider Oklahoma in.

I developed a simple four question survey that gives you region choices followed by some free text questions, that’s for all you plains region and cross region folks. So please answer the questions and share the survey so we can get as many partcipants as possible and I will update everyone with my results. I would like to get at least 1,0000 participants, steep goal for someone with 500 twitter followers but I think we can get there just may take a month or so.

Take the survey here: Oklahoma Region Survey


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